Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thanks 1000

I have three fresh posts in the hopper that still need a little finesse before they are ready to go live. For now, I’ll ignore them and throw together a quick gimmicky post on my favorite gimmick - this very blog.

First off - huge love to you. August was the most trafficked month in NES/NAS history. Before that, July was the biggest month. It’s been a steady climb, but August had nearly three times the traffic than March did. I’m especially appreciative to those of you who have reposted this blog on their Facebook pages, blogs, or on message boards. Thanks for being rock stars, and for making sure my mid-week drinking and writing isn’t in vain.

I discovered something fun today. When checking my stats, I saw that some people found this blog by googling “dork.” Turns out, on Google Images, the picture of the gentleman that led off my post last week no longer links to wherever it used to go when I found it - now it links here! I also googled “scumbag.” The scumbag image that I used last week is now the number 2 image for the term on Google, and that image also links here. Woot! NES/NAS is changing the internets.

I wrote a post a few months ago called Spy Bar Itaewon Russian Girls, because that was a keyword search that somebody used to find this blog. I’m happy to report that, if one were to google that now, this post is the number one hit. Googling “Nintendo is right” also brings you here if you're feeling lucky. So does “Mount Barmore,” though to be fair I invented the term.

Anyway, I could go on and on about these stats, but as a thank you to everyone, I’ll give you the greatest gift of all - an abnormally short post.

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