Thursday, November 17, 2011

This is why we can't have nice things

Thanksgiving is coming up. There was talk of some sort of Thanksgiving event happening in my apartment, as it is the largest and best located of teachers at my school The girl who had my apartment last year hosted a large and successful Thanksgiving event, and some want to keep the tradition alive. I'm fully in favor of this notion, so long as it doesn't involve me cooking, planning, decorating, or doing anything whatsoever to prepare for this event outside of buying beer.

Two girls, the previous occupant of my apartment and her best friend, essentially ran my school last year. They also put on all kinds of events and made Halloween costumes from scratch. I've hung out with both of them and they are both super cool, but they also, like, did stuff. Stuff isn't really my thing.

Now seems like a good time to provide an anecdote from the hazy Kansas days that made up my first year after graduating. It was basically my third senior year. My brother, Dr. Kickass as you may know him, was still in college. While in college, him and some of his fresh-faced classmates made a couple of movies. Dr. Kickass always seemed to surround himself with people that were, like, into doing stuff. The movies were good.

My buddies and I were inspired. We had a video camera. I can shoot. I had editing software. Several of us were good at writing and editing. Nobody could act very well, but whatever. After watching Kickass's movie and drinking some 40s of high gravity malt liquor, we decided to put our talents to use. We were going to make a movie too, goddamnit.

I should probably note that our group made the gang from Always Sunny look motivated, hardworking, and decidedly un-petty.

We decided to make a western. We got to work on a script right away. It had every character that a good western should have - The Sheriff, The Stranger, The Whore, The Piano Player.

Not surprisingly, this endeavor unraveled quickly. Every scene we wrote was fraught with arguments over the plot. Plus, every dude wanted to play The Stranger other than Brown, as he was clearly going to be The Piano Player. We never shot anything, and a couple nights into writing, the endeavor collapsed into a fistfight that was originally sparked from a disagreement on, if I'm not mistaken, French Revolutionary history. The project was never completed, nor spoken of ever again.

My co-worker Sandy said that the Thanksgiving thing last year was really awesome, and everyone had a good time, largely because these two girls worked really hard on it and put together a solid event. Sandy said that they were able to do amazing things like this since the girls were best friends and lived 5 minutes away from each other.

I still can't relate to that. My first two years in Korea, I lived next door to Don, one of my best buddies here. We generally spent our time together drinking beer in my apartment and watching Korean reality TV (TV Ngels, of course) or Borat for the 6,000th time. I also spent close to a year living across the hall from my buddy Martin, certainly my best friend here now, and we pretty much just spent weeknights playing Nintendo. We never made any Halloween costumes or planned any events or shot any videos. How could we? Mario 3 wasn't going to solve itself.

I guess the point is that some people are good at making, y'know, stuff, from whatever things are are around. I may have inherited the apartment, but I didn't inherit the motivation. Some people put on events. I'm not delusional. I know where my talents lie. I'm good at showing up for these events, and most likely making fun of them. That is, so long as there's nothing good on TV and I'm not on a later level of Zelda.

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Paul said...

So it sounds like others feel your place is large. Other than the lack of a proper closet, the apt was very comfortable. There are still lots of spices and cooking stuff that I know will be passed on to the next occupant. BTW, Ilike the new keyboard even if it doesn't help with my spelling.
Happy Thanksgiving!