Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bracket Takes 2012

Since not doing my annual bracket takes post didn't help the Kansas Basketball Jayhawks win the title last year, it's time to bring it back.  This is a guaranteed gambling winner, by the way.  If you bet heavily against every prediction that I make here, you can't lose.  I'm less informed than ever, having seen a total of two college basketball games all year. 

Is is tradition, I'm writing my first takes, live as they are announced on the NCAA Selection Show.  I suppose this could be considered "live blogging," but this gimmick got it's start as a mass email in 2003 or so, making this the 10th beating of this dead horse.  I'm going more high tech then ever of course, writing this on an ipad as i watch the selection show on my iphone, feeling smug in my douchitude throughout.  

Here we go!

First off, couldn't be happier with my douchy set-up.

Kentucky is one overall.  I look forward to their forthcoming tournament games being vacated in three years.

Cuse in the East, but we all knew that was coming.  Carolina got what was probably our one before Baylor, and Michigan State gets shipped west.  I suppose I have no complaints with this, but I'm still shocked that the Big 10 is considered the best conference.

Buffering.  Oh no!  I hate my douchy set-up!

It's back.  Commercials!  I paid 4 bucks for this app, damnit!  How dare they subject me to commercials.

Wow, this is the first full 4 minute commercial break that I've experienced in years.  I didn't care for it. 

Iowa State is an 8 and gets Kentucky in their second potential game.  Seems kinda ow for them.  UCONN is a 9?  Wow, I'm way behind on basketball this year.

Uh-oh, the Shockers may get 12-5ed by that team from Virginia that I will not mention.

Wait, theres a New Mexico State?

As guaranteed by NCAA law, Duke plays in Greensboro.

Baylor clawed up to a 3 seed.  I wonder what uniform abortion they'll create for that. 

Wow, I completely forgot that the University of Colorado even existed.  I think that they're the only team that I'm not really mad at for leaving the Big XII.  They're only lasting contributions were the Harrison brothers and that wack job born again football coach who would probably do well in today's GOP primaries.  Oh, and they cheated in the Orange Bowl to beat Notre Dame. 

West time.  LIU Brooklyn?  That's a thing?  The Fighting Hipsters, I presume. 

New Mexico has two teams in this thing?  That must be a first.

Memphis-St. Louis?  I guess they battle it out for the highest murder rate every year.  The winner should be allowed to move to a better town. 

Davidson's satellite feed was a little slow.

Yep, Missurah is getting shipped out west.  No shock there.  Missouri gets Norfolk State.  They always seem to get teams I've never heard of ever.  Go Virginia or Florida. 

Marquette is a 3?  I guess it's Travis Diener's senior year again.

Wow, Murray State is a 6 seed!  Awesome, they usually get a 15 or something.  Go Racers!  OVC Title goes through Murray State baby!

Buffering!  Hopefully I'm just missing commercials since KU's fate will be decided soon.  I just missed a whole segment I think. 

Midwest, here we go.  I missed the East.  Awesome.  Didn't miss any commercials, of course. 

UNC in Greensboro too.  It could be no other way.

I still don't understand the 11 and 12 seeded teams getting play-in games.  Michigan won the Big 10 regular season, yeah?  Shouldn't they get higher than a 4?

KU is a 2 in Carolina's bracket.  Perfect, just what I wanted.  No sarcasm.  Detroit eh?  I'm sure I'll be terrified of them by Friday.  St. Mary's and Purdue as a potential second round battle.  I'm sure I'll be petrified come Sunday.  Yep, I know absolutely nothing about the teams on our half of the bracket.  Oh no, Clark Kellogg just said "it could be their year" about KU.  Obama better stay away from us this year.  Pick Kentucky or Carolina, Mr. President. 

Meh, I'm not going to make half-assed predictions right now, I'm just gonna post.  More to come most likely.  Rock Chalk and Muck Fizzou.

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