Friday, July 20, 2012

Saturday Night: Special?

After an abysmally boring one in Lawrence, Kansas a few days before I started my Asia trip, I put together a string of pretty impressive Saturday nights.

Of course, more often than not, I threw down pretty well on a Saturday night in Seoul. It would also be a big night out any time I was on the road in Korea, and often when I was on the road internationally.

This trip started out with 10 bang-up Saturday nights in a row -

Seoul - usual Itaewon craziness, went home at 6 a.m. or so and was up at 9 the next day to watch KU beat Ohio State in the Final Four. Of course, then I slept the next two days.

Kuala Lumpur - went out in Chinatown with the crew I met the day before, and capped it off at the roof of my hostel.

Melaka - met this random group of people, ended up singing "Sweet Home Alabama" at three a.m. in a Chinese karaoke bar with some British dude.

Cameron Highlands - pretty low key, but I'd made friends with this girl the night before and had a few beers with her until the streets rolled up at 11. Had a more proper Saturday-ish night the following night in Penang, when I was out until 5 or 6 with a group of Aussies and Euros.

Krabi - an epic night in which I met like 15 people and hung out at this local bar swilling whiskey and smoking weed until the wee hours. The band was decent too.

Ko Phi Phi - on this island of crazy boozing and partying every night, Saturday was certainly my signature adventure.

Ko Samui - was out until all hours at the Chewang clubs with these crazy Danish dudes.

Ko Tao - see Ko Phi Phi, only Tao's Saturday was much more fun.

Chiang Mai - met two British girls and a bunch of Thai waitresses and bartendresses at an early evening bar, went out to the clubs with them until 5 or 6.

Ko Samet - My beach swan song.

Ko Samet was the first weekend in June. Since that? Well, my Saturday nights have a lot less rock star and a lot more monk. Case in point - the following weekend, I literally slept in a monastery. Went to bed at 9 p.m. after consuming zero beers.

The following Saturday was in Mandalay. Mandalay doesn't have a whole lot going on at night, even Saturday night. Since I'd taken a long bus ride that day, I once again went to bed super early without going to the bar.

I spent a portion of the next Saturday night in Bangkok and caught a buzz, so that must have been cool, yeah? Not so much - I was boozing at the airport before getting on a redeye flight.

I actually went out to bars the next Saturday, watching live bands and hanging out with Cores in Dumaguete. This was the only notable and fun Saturday of the bunch, but I still managed to go home early.

I spent my next Saturday night on an overnight train. I suppose I spent a cool 45 minutes in the bar car before going to sleep at 11:30.

A few days ago may have been the lamest one yet. I slept in Phonsavan, Laos. Sure, this is a country that goes to bed early, but Phonsavan is especially boring. I hung out in a cafe and wrote until they seemed to be shutting down - at 9:30. Then I went home and went to sleep. Oh well, people come to Phonsavan to see the Plain of Jars, not to party.

This Saturday, I'll be in Vientiane, the big city here, the capital of Laos. Will my streak of boring Saturdays end? Vientiane has a reputation for being the dullest capital in Southeast Asia (other than teetotaling BSB in Brunei), so I'm not extremely hopeful. If nothing else, I meet my buddies Martin and Kris in Phnom Penh next Saturday, so that should be a rager.

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