Friday, March 22, 2013

Commercial Takes

March Madness commercials are always a curse.  Hours and hours of basketball on 10 different days means a whole lot of commercial breaks, and it seems like they run the same ads in every single break.  Here are some that I particularly hate so far.

NCAA PSAs – about how much the NCAA supports their student athletes. Sure.  This would be like if Taco Bell’s commercials talked about the ways they benefited me.

Buffalo Wild Wings – Jesus Christ, I can’t believe they are still doing this sort of thing.  If you are a sports bar, why would you appear to have no clue how sports fans think?  Just like how nobody is cheering for a game to go into overtime, I’m pretty sure there isn’t a college hoops fan alive who wants the tournament to expand.  We already expended from 64 to 68, and NOBOBY acknowledges or cares about those Dayton games or the “first four.”

The Bud Lite blind date – it took two or three viewings before I really hated this commercial, so good on them. I loathe it now.  Who says “here we go” on a blind date?  This is terribly contrived writing to try to squeeze in Bud Lite’s meh slogan in a situation that it didn’t fit. Of course, I also hate the couple, although part of that hate may come from the fact that they are drinking Bud Lite, the foulest beer I can imagine.  Girls can get a pass, but when I see a dude drinking Bud Lite, I judge. 

Tru TV promos – I’d never watched Tru TV before this tournament.  After watching the promos for their programming, I expect to resume that habit as soon as they stop showing tournament games. 

My favorite may be the Ludacris bit – “Oh yeah, I watch the madness and lay down music in the studio at the same time.” I know this is a promo for online games, but I think it works better as a PSA extolling the dangers of multitasking. 

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