Saturday, April 13, 2013


When describing the expat life, wiser writers than I have discouraged it.  To be an expat is an eternal sense of bittersweet.  There are people, places, things, and ideas that I miss no matter what country I happen to lay my head.  

Long haul flights take on a different form for a chronic  expat.  The first time I flew westbound across the Pacific, I was definitely leaving home.  The first time I flew back to America, I was probably coming home.  On my ensuing flights, the grey area has been absolute.  I am simply flying from A to B, both leaving and arriving, neither leaving nor arriving.  To be an expat is to be at home everywhere and nowhere.  

There is not a country in the world in which I can use all of my technology without the aid of plug adapters.  More importantly, there is no land in which I don’t terribly miss people on the other side of the ocean.

Tomorrow will be one of those crazy expat days.  A day of beginnings, endings, and continuations.  A day spent in international waters and international airports.  Two full days will pass during two long flights.  

To those I am leaving behind – I will miss you, and I hope to see you soon.  In a country with ubiquitous wifi, I will never be far.  To those I will see on the other side, I can’t wait to see you again.  Again.